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These arrangements are for players in school ensembles and many of them were first used in Harvington First School or St Egwins Middle School. They are often scored with 2 flute, 2 clarinet, 1 or 2 cornet/trumpet parts and a bass part. The bass parts are normally playable on any lower brass or lower woodwind instrument for which appropriate bass and treble clef parts will be supplied. Please check the scores prior to purchase.

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 Down by the Riverside19-May-2009
 Composed by Trad arranged by K Davies 
  A lovely arrangement of this well known music with optional horn/alto saxophone and drum parts. In addition, a simplified bass part can be used as an alternative to the walking bass and the clarinet and cornet parts are interchangeable. I have also used bass guitar and rhythm guitar with this number.
 Theme from 1st Movement of Mozart 4006-Oct-2008
 Composed by A Mozart arranged by K Davies 
  This short extract demonstrates the lovely simplicity of this music whilst requiring the players to count their bars rest in order to continue the conversation between the instruments. The bass part is supplied in Bass Clef, Bb treble and Eb treble.
 Theme from the Surprize Symphony28-Apr-2008
 Composed by J Hadyn arranged by K Davies 
  This arrangement is popular with children learning to play despite being in a more challenging key for the Bb instruments (range limitations prohibit alternative keys).
 Soldier's March05-Oct-2006
 Composed by R Schumann arranged by K Davies 
  Probably my favourite starting piece with new members of a school ensemble. The simple rhythms help to build confidence that they can play together as a group and sound good!

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