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Many of these arrangements were written when Keith was conducting Wychavon Student Wind Band - a mixed ability community band. As a consequence, they are straight forward with 2 flute, 2 clarinet and 2 cornet/trumpet parts (with lower ranges for the second parts), an optional oboe part and appropriate doubling for the less common instruments. Eb and F horn parts, Bass clef, Eb and Bb treble clef bass parts will be supplied. Please check the scores for details prior to purchase.

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 River Avon19-Mar-2016
 Composed by K Davies 
  A musical depiction of the River Avon from its tributaries through Stratford, Evesham and Pershore to Tewkesbury where it joins the River Severn.
 Teddy Bears' Picnic20-Feb-2009
 Composed by J W Bratton arranged by K Davies 
  This arrangement of an old classic was originally requested by one of the members of Wychavon Student Wind Band. Optional Oboe, 2nd horn and 2nd Alto saxophone parts are included. (Duration 1:55).
 Liberty Bell17-Feb-2009
 Composed by J P Sousa arranged by K Davies 
  This famous Sousa march has been carefully arranged to retain the original character without being so demanding to play. (Duration 3:20). However, there is less obvious doubling amongst the lower parts and this arrangement works best with 2nd Horn, Tenor Saxophone, Euphonium and Trombone parts being played. Unusually the second clarinet part includes a few middle of the stave B's (ie just above the break).
 Composed by G Bizet arranged by K Davies 
  A fun classic to play. This arrangement has an optional 2nd horn part.
 The Middy13-Feb-2008
 Composed by K Alfred arranged by K Davies 
  A great arrangement of this march with interesting dynamic contrasts - listeners won't notice the absence of a piccolo obligato found in some other arrangements! It's probably best played with a fuller Wind Band although all important parts are doubled. (Duration 3:25).
 In a Monastery Garden10-Jan-2008
 Composed by A Kelelbey arranged by K Davies 
  A very playable arrangement of this forgotten classic which features the flutes with one of the melodies. (Duration 3:15).
 Blue Danube26-Apr-2007
 Composed by J Strauss arranged by K Davies 
  A simple arrangement of the well known classic.
 Memories of Peer Gynt17-Apr-2007
 Composed by E Grieg arranged by K Davies 
  A medley from Peer Gynt including Morning, Anitra's Dance, Solveig's Song, Dance of the Imps and Hall of the Mountain King. (Duration 6:00). Probably better suited to a concert performance than a bandstand but worth spending a few minutes listening to the Finale rendition.
 Radetzky March28-Jul-2006
 Composed by J Strauss arranged by K Davies 
  An accessible arrangement of this well known march. Whilst it has become common practice within amateur circles to play this music at a gallop, it should be played no faster than a quick march (crotchet 160) and remains a great piece at a lesser march tempo.(Duration 2:45).

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