Band Music

Spring 2019

Original Compositions

This year we celebrate the success of the Apollo 11 mission to land men on the moon some 50 years ago. To mark this occasion we offer several new original compositions.

Reminiscing on the styles of a range of moon-themed songs from across the intervening decades from 1969 Moon Trip offers a popular contemporary style which appeals to a variety of audiences (Duration 4:15).

Io Tectonics is a dramatic composition reflects the volcanic nature of Io (the innermost Galilean moon of Jupiter). Callisto Adventure with it's driving opening bass line and Ganymede Patrol with an opening 8/8 section are also named after the moons of Jupiter.

Popular Arrangements

Composed for the 1980s film Top Gun this dramatic arrangement of Danger Zone opens with with a great bass line and features the horns prior to the entry of the main theme. We also have an arrangement of Top Gun Anthem which builds to a great climax and Take My Breath Away as a Tenor Horn solo.

Forever Autumn was composed by Jeff Wayne in 1969 made famous by Justin Hayward's performance in War of the Worlds. This arrangement is always well received with melodic phrases widely shared between instruments and its driving bass lines.

Made famour by the James Bond film, this arrangement of Nobody Does it Better. for Solo Trombone has wide appeal with its accessible range and great accompaniment.

On the Lighter Side

We continue to offer an extensive range of arrangements of popular music:

Baby Shark is one of our best selling arrangements. You need to listen to the Finale rendition to understand why this is a popular choice.

An interesting arrangement of this Jamaican melody Banana Boat Song includes a melancholy link before the DC and is fairly straight forward to play.

Mango Walk is based on the well known traditional Jamaican melody and is certain to please audiences at fetes and bandstands this summer! It's mini fugue style will also ensure that the players enjoy performing it!

Classical Arrangements

Schubert wrote many great melodies and this arrangement of his Serenade is now available for Brass Band.

All in the April Evening is probably best known amongst Male Voice choirs and their audiences but works really well as an arrangement for Brass Band.