Band Music

Summer 2019

Recent Releases

We have several new arrangements which would be great additions to your summer bandstand programmes:

This 1960s hit for Petula Clark is fun to play and audiences enjoy it! But you dont have to go to central park (New York) to perform Downtown! Have a listen to the Solo Cornet link interlude prior to the DS.

Another Brick in the Wall is a Pink Floyd classic song from 1979 which has been carefully arranged for Brass Band. In places the rhythms are tricky but the cornet solo which replaces the guitar solo has relatively standard rhythms with an accessible range.

Bruno Mars released Locked out of Heaven in 2012. This arrangement for Brass Band includes a Vibraphone part which can be played on Glockenspiel or omitted. The Solo Cornet part is high but covered on Soprano.

Crazy in Love is perhaps best known for its video but this 2003 release by Beyonce has some memorable motifs which work well in brass bands.

Your Suggestions?

If you have suggestions for arrangements or would like to commission an original composition to mark some anniversary you might be surprised that the costs are not prohibitive - although obtaining permission to arrange some music can be difficult! You can send us an email or use other contact information on our website.

Summer Sale

Our summer sale includes some original compositions and popular arrangements. Just enter the promotion code SUMMER19 to receive a 25% discount off:

Io Tectonics is a dramatic composition reflecting the volcanic nature of Io (the innermost Galilean moon of Jupiter). Callisto Adventure with it's driving opening bass line and Ganymede Patrol with an opening 8/8 section are also named after the moons of Jupiter.

An interesting arrangement of this 1914 melody by W C Handy. St Louis Blues shares melodic parts and interjections around the band including some challenging parts for Repiano and Soprano (cued on Solo Cornet).

British Rhapsody is a musical reflection on modern day Britain which is interesting to play and to hear. The relaxed opening progresses to a rhythmic middle section with a mixture of 3/4 and 7/8 bars. The final section is more nostalgic building to a climatic end.

Solo Moments

Struggling to find good bass solos? This traditional melody includes a jazzy interlude ... Old Man River has been arranged as a BBb Solo which can also be performed on EEb Bass and Bass Trombone (3 soloist parts are included).

Irish Melody is based on that traditional tune used in Londonderry Air with an Irish gig middle section and arranged as a Solo for Cornet. Why not have a listen?

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